Patorin Ina Brinkmann TERMINE

Not to be missed

Uplifting church services with and without the choir or trumpet ensemble. At Easter, during a North Sea holiday, at harvest festival in the autumn, while visiting the international summer concerts, Fridays for market-day prayers, at Christmas – everyday, not only special occasions.
They are all there, people from every walk of life whether eight or eighty. They come to enjoy the easy flow of the service, the comprehensible language and the rich programme of music. The Meldorf Dome attracts people and evidently gives them strength. It promotes community because everyone can find his place here. Not only because of the impressive height.

The more life is governed by our ability to do things alone and the necessity to be flexible at all times and in all places, the greater is our mission to bring people together on the important issues of heaven and earth. The quest to double our zest for life and experience the abundance of its meaning has to be a good one.

Come and join us


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