Patorin Ina Brinkmann REDEN

You don’t have to talk all the time

This westphalian characteristic is certainly something I embody. Writing to communicate – that’s what I do, day and night, whenever I have time. Not because I have to, not always anyway (okay, sermons don’t fall from heaven), but because it gives me great pleasure. Current events? Issues that move people? Bible texts and their meanings? These are the topics that prompt me to sit down at my computer. My views on life submitted to paper and heard by many. A discourse on life and on God, with friends and with strangers. What pleasure!

Sermons and talks to download

Where is your beach chair? Confirmation 2015 ( PDF ca 22 KB)
Talk to God as a friend (PDF ca 52KB)
A little more respect please (PDF ca 55 KB)
Courage is a special spirit (PDF ca 126 KB)
Promotion for a smile in the world (PDF ca 152 KB)

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