The Epenwöhrden Golden Girls go to the Circus

Circus Charles Knie guests in Heide. The posters across Dithmarschen told it. And pastors post landed a set of special cards for a discount. There was a spontaneous idea: That would be something for “my” Epenwöhrdener ladies.

For decades, they meet monthly in the parish hall of Epenwöhrden. Years before with their children. Today, the twelve women experienced in old age. Just Golden Girls. A lot of life experience is included.

Always on the third wednesday. To talk about God and the world with coffee and cake. The homemade cakes are legendary for it. The talks also. The Epenwöhrdener family club, that’s life support in it’s best sense.

Once a year there is a trip. Of course in the summer. The visit to the circus in the month of May would be out of order. Whether it is probably of interest?

You bet! Bright eyes and sympathetic nods when I ask at the next meeting. “Oh yes, that would be nice. When I was the last time in the circus? … This has to be decades ago.” Childhood memories.

So off we went there on that Tuesday evening. Seventhirty pm the performance begins. In the middle of the market by Heide you can imagine a red-encircled world. Smell of popcorn mixed with that out of the arena. Women and men in livrée, maximum size 32, expecting us to welcome and show us the charming places. Which part does a walker or crutches? Now we are sitting in our red rank with red cheeks in anticipation.

A mixture of gazing, awe and surprising take live with these wise women. Now is now. No worry suppresses. The daily routine takes its timeout. The age just as. That this can succeed in this, it is nice. A gift. Life help with all your senses. In the best sense.


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