Wacken at the Meldorf Cathedral

On Friday afternoon 50 candles with the typical hallmark of the metal heads stood on the cathedral steps to the altar and waited for their “enlightenment”. They were for two people who love each other and wanted to get married in their parish.

Simone and Ralf have come to know each other in Wacken 2009(Wacken Open Air is the world’s biggest metal festival, which takes place there every year in early August)and the marriage proposal took place in Wacken 2011. Now it had to be Wacken in the cathedral. Knowing one’s own life blessed by God, that’s the point, of course, even with metal fans. So the pastor organized that many candles as a surprise. The promotional agency spon-sored 50 pieces.

It was a beautiful wedding. With organ music and flower children, an excited bride’s mother, a little nervous groom, a freezing bride and a joyful wedding party.

The sun was shining. Eighty people went out and were received by the Busenwurther Feuerwehrzug. Good mood.

For sponsoring the candles I say THANK YOU again. The people who organize everything around Wacken have their heart at the right place and sense for love and life.


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