Iternal Peace

Stina is a quiet baby. Very comfortably, the parents say themselves. Stina doesn’t scream if she wakes up. She sits in a corner of her bed and plays with the Teddy. She smiles much and is a satisfied girl with large blue eyes and wheat blond hairs.
One day Susan hangs sobbing on the telephone. “Imagine, Stina can do nothing hear. The pediatrician assessed it. He did clapp into in his hands at the last investigation. Stina did not react at all”.
It follows an investigation after the other. Sometime it is certain then: Stina is earless. The shock is large. The physicians calm. The impairment had been recognized unusually early. Let that be advantageous large for her personal development. For Stina is yet no two. She yet can learn to speak.
A three quarter year after the OP’s Stina proudly presents the crack colorful “buttons” at her back of the head. On the back she carries a small knapsack with the language processor, that takes the sounds of the environment with microphones. In the meantime Stina runs like a weasel and at least she is just as wild as her brothers.
Also her sounds are wild. Ahhh –. – Ohhh, comes out of her mouth if she is
well tempered. And if she is furiously or sad, and that she is that much, Stina screams so over loud, that the others do hardly can bear.
Stina is strenuous. Her brothers are happy if in the morning the kindergarten and the school begin. Jo, the oldest, distorts the eyes if Stina enters the living room. She nerves.
She takes herself, what she can get. The toy of the neighbor children. The sausage breads of the plate of her brothers. Each minute of the attention of all adult around her around. She has no inhibitions. She steps, bites and screams if she doesn’t run after hers presentations. Defiance is that no longer. She becomes from day to day more aggressive since she can hear.
The weekly time table of the family is tight: Monday through Friday going with the car one and a half hours to the ear loose kindergarten. In addition twice in the week to the language therapy. And even Thursday evenings into the course for gesture language. But the use is worthwhile. “Stina can now three-word-sentences speak”, told Susan with a proudly smile on her face. ” From week to week she learns new words and reacts and also she is no longer equally so sourly if once she doesn’t understand somewhat.
Meanwhile Stina became six. She almost lost the silly sound of its voice. She is a valiant, lively, self-confident person. Everywhere she mixes with. If she irritates once something or becomes it furiously, in the meantime no longer she attacks or steps or screams or bites. Then she simply grasps at her skull, snaps her pretty pink sensors of the head, puts them on the kitchen table and goes hers ways. Then she has quietness.

*** ***

God bless you in these times. He may give you the right words and the right being quiet. He may give you people with whom you find ear. He may give you the quiet that you need for the internal peace.

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